Who is the Indie eBookshop?

The Indie eBookshop

The Indie eBookshop developed from the publishing activities of Write-On Publishing and SA Catholic Online Books, which have, to date, concentrated on the production of print books. With the advent of the Coronavirus Pandemic , and the overall switch to online and digital solutions, we decided to create a platform for the sale of the eBook versions of the books produced by Write-on Publishing and SA Catholic Online authors. Upon request, this facility has been extended to any Independent or Self-published author who wishes to make use of it.

Our Associates & Founder

Publishing Facilitators

Write-On Publishing is a publishing facilitator, designed to assist authors to self-publish their books, offering proofreading, editing and production services. It has already produced in excess of 30 books for authors all around South Africa under its imprint, a portfolio which includes travel, cooking and fiction books

Catholic Books Publisher

SA Catholic Online Books works very similarly to Write-On Publishing but concentrates on books by Catholic authors on topics relevant to the Catholic Faith. Among its clients are an Archbishop, approximately 10 priests, 2 deacons, a Religious Brother and a number of lay Catholic authors

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Founder Frank Nunan

Frank is an editor and journalist by profession and he launched SA Catholic Online Books in 2013. This was followed in 2016 by Write-On Publishing.