Nurturing Our Relationship


A Workbook for Couples

Nurturing Our Relationship is a Workbook which allows couples to examine their relationship with reference to a variety of  influences and environments and to come up with solutions to “Nurture” and improve their “couple” on all levels.



A Workbook for Couples

Everyone dreams of a happy, romantic relationship with that man, or woman, of their life. Probably, it’s been your dream too. Indeed, the beginning of a relationship is like the dream come true as you experience the heights of affection and intimacy with your loved one. Certainly, you want that feeling to last. Nevertheless, there comes a time when those love feelings shrink, and the moment of trial begins. You become distant, criticise each other and you are often in conflicts. It’s like the relationship becomes everything except what you fantasised. So disillusioned and discouraged, you think your relationship is gone, and nothing can be done about it.
Well, however ailing your relationship may be, it can be repaired. It is entirely in your hands as a couple to repair it. But how?
Nurturing Our Relationship has the answer.
This book helps you to identify the parasitic thoughts, attitudes, words or behaviours that are likely to sabotage your relationship. You will also learn another way of interacting that rekindles the fire into your “couple”. To fix, and to maintain, your conjugal relationship as a joyful and satisfying one, here’s the toolbox. The book empowers you with the skills to be doctors of your own relationship. You have the tools; get down to mending your “couple”!


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