Sell your eBook on The Indie eBookshop

Independent and/or Self-published authors may submit their books for consideration to be placed on The Indie eBookshop for sale. Contact us via our Contact Page, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Upload Fee

Once accepted, a submission and upload fee of R400 per title will be levied. 

Selling Price

The selling price of the eBook will be determined by The Indie eBookshop in consultation with the author.

Royalty Split

The proceeds of the sale of an ebook will be split on the ratio of 60/40 between the author (60%) and The Indie Bookshelf (40%).


eBooks can be sold in PDF and/or ePub versions, and The Indie eBookshop will accept either or both formats. If the author does not have the material in these formats, books may be submitted in Word format and an appropriate conversion fee will be levied, depending on the complexity of the work. This fee will be subject to a quote from The Inde eBookshop.

The Indie eBookshop can, if required, also sell eBooks in the Mobi format (the format used by Kindle). 

For more information Contact Us.